Hey ho the perils of separation!

All of a sudden financial  independance has become a necessity because Darling Mark is off on a Mediterranean cruise with work for the next ten days and has all but emptied the coffers.

He has also kindly told me that we will have  to  "review our  living  arrangements " in the next two months and would Finley  and  I like to  move to a  "less expensive area" as he sees no way of supporting us, this lovely little house and his new single life at the same time!

Well I don’t think so really do you? If I have to fight tooth and nail I will be keeping my home, no matter what. I don’t expect him to pay for my shoes but hell, I insist he helps me keep a roof over our baby’s head!

And so I have a choice: either it is back into the world of work, and all the childcare problems etc that involves or I have to find a way to make BrocanteHome pay the bills.

Oh but isn’t money yukky?? Is it silly to be so scared?

In the short term I have a fabulous stencilling job this week, so I won’t be around much. Finley is being taken off my hands by my ever wonderful parents and I shall have the utter, utter bliss of being in a divinely peaceful house, creating patterns on creamy white walls, with just my thoughts for company.

All this and they are  paying me for the pleasure  of something akin to meditation for a stressed out  Mommy like  me!

We will live to fight another week. Day by day right?

P.S: Have you all seen the new Store Cupboard– all the natural housekeeping recipes in one place?