And the award for most fabulous book cover today goes to the author of “Woman and Her Wits”: one G.F. Monkshood, who has collated an extensive list of not quite politically correct “epigrams of woman, love and beauty” containing such delightful gems as “I have seen many instances of women running to waste and self-neglect, and disappearing gradually from the earth, almost as if they had been exhaled to heaven.” by Washington Irving, insightful gems like “Women see through and through each other; and often we most admire her whom they most scorn.” from Buxton and spiteful little ditties like “Friendships of women are cushions wherein they stick their pins.” by someone who wished to remain anonymous clearly in fear of the retaliation of those women more than cabable of forming the deepest of bonds with those of their same sex.

It is an odd little book, with quite the most delightful of covers. A sentence which upon reversal of itself might just be more enticing.

But I do so adore the pretty.