Oh lovely Doterra. For Doterra is a lovely company but today I am here to explain why I am no longer selling Doterra oils.  Network marketing is a conundrum isn’t it? A cloak and dagger business renowned for selling overpriced nonsense to excitable housewives while not really being about said products at all, but ultimately about selling a lifestyle based on persuading others to sell a lifestyle to their own others. And on and on it goes…

There now. I have summed it up for all of us. And in that one paragraph lies the very reason why I stopped working with Doterra, despite the fact that I truly believe that they create some of the finest essential oils on the market.

For starters. I just couldn’t cope with the very first rule of marketing those oils: that here on the internets we do not talk about Doterra. We do not link to them in blog posts praising their rather incredible peppermint oil. Or say that their lavender oil is quite the purest we have ever experienced. We can’t say that.

We have to say pssssstttt…come here. I know this great lavender oil but you have got to give me your email address so that I can tell you what it is and why it is so great and you mustn’t tell anyone else unless you tell them in secret too or else the FDA will come out all guns blazing and close the entire company down and in fact only those who are already making megabucks with Doterra will be permitted to talk about it because the rest of us cannot be trusted not to make spurious claims. Email address please??

Oooh I feel better getting that off my chest. For yes though I must confess to being uncomfortable with a company the FDA are apparently “uncomfortable” about, I truly LOVE Doterra regardless. In fact I cannot imagine never using their On Guard products again simply because during an entire Winter usually hounded by coughs and colds, not one person in my family has had to endure anything more than the merest of sniffles, so enveloped are we in a kind of fierce aromatic bubble.

I Truly Love Doterra…

I love Doterra but I cannot be a part of marketing their products because I cannot authentically market them to you without looking like I am trying to deal drugs, or persuade you to give up your career in favor of joining my cult. I want to be able to say this lavender oil is the best on the market, here’s the link, please buy it if you think it will serve you and I am happy to tell you more about these products I truly believe in if you are interested.

I want to be able to accompany posts about Doterra with images of their products, but that is not permitted. Here on Brocantehome I could not post an image of anything Doterra related. Can’t even pop up a snap of a Doterra product in my own home. And it makes me uncomfortable.

Keeping the Site Online…

You see that is ALL I wanted to do when I first joined Doterra. Have a range of products that supported the lifestyle I describe here at BrocanteHome. Products that would both provide a small income towards my efforts to keep the site online and ultimately products I could authentically recommend without feeling like a sleazy saleswoman trying to get you to part with all your worldy goods. While the promises made within the network marketing industry as a whole might be inviting, achieving high sales all to often requires the selling of your soul to persuade others to play by the same rules, and that is fine until you happen across rules you do not believe in and cannot authentically sell on.

I have never been about relentless sales here on BrocanteHome. I  want you to understand that I only recommend those things that have truly made a difference in my life. The things I really love and use everyday. I want to show you those things, and not have to insist that you buy that information with an email address.

This then is ultimately about trust. When I say I LOVE something I want you to trust me enough to know that I really do LOVE it. I want my recommendations to feel like an ordinary part of the conversation here on the site and I want those recommendations to feel like those made by your best friend, so you can take them or leave them safe in the knowledge that I recommend them from the place of authority that is having personal experience of those products without trying to force them down your throat. Because a best friend wouldn’t do that and she definitely wouldn’t declare Frankincense oil to be a cure for breast cancer or a million other ills – which is above all else what Doterra fear most: their representatives making ludicrous claims about their products online.

Spurious Claims About Essential Oils…

But here in lies the rub. Those of us online may not be making such grandiose and frankly occasionally preposterous claims about the powers of essential oils, but offline in the course of emails and Skype conversations those very same claims Doterra so fear and the FDA are looking to eliminate exist and are frequently repeated among the chattering marketing classes. The tumor in the jar drawn out from the breast by the power of Frankincense alone may be the stuff that urban legends are made of but it is a claim I have heard more than once and one I want no part of.

Doterra understandably cannot legislate against conversation so they have brought down the heavy guns on small bloggers (though not upon those who are the Diamond Leaders in the industry with blogs of their own): making it possible to make whatever claims one wants once an email address has been acquired, or indeed to make similar claims on social networks because media like that is transient and apparently without influence, but not possible to market those same products on anything with the permanence of a blog post. For me that makes working with Doterra impossible because I do not want to have to manipulate my readers but would rather now say, by all means buy Doterra products because they truly are worth the investment, but I can no longer ask you to buy them here because marketing like this simply doesn’t sit well with me. Doterra wellness advocates are all over Pinterest and I know you will be able to find an alternative advocate.


Finally I want to say thank-you to all those of you who were part of my Doterra journey Without your loyalty and trust in me and the products I recommend here, Brocantehome would not be financially viable and I am so grateful to your ongoing trust in me personally. It is an uncomfortable truth that blogs are businesses and that as the years go by they are becoming harder and harder to monetise sufficiently, but I continue to work towards profitability so that we can all enjoy BrocanteHome for years to come.

Have a lovely day Housekeepers.x