So many of you are asking and the truth is I have no idea! The programme was made in July and the last we heard was that  it would be showing on Sky One in January, but no specific date had yet been offered to Shine Productions

Would you consider me a terrible wimp if I told you that I didn’t care whether my rather over-sized bottom ever made it on to the TV? 

Making the programme was a unique and at times really rather surreal experience. It is quite the strangest thing to have a TV crew turn up on your doorstep at 8.00 in the morning, film you while you have breakfast,  cook a quiche, empty your pink bin-bags and take a wander down the road to buy an armful of flowers…

It was unique, scary and lots and lots of fun, and that I think is enough. I’m sure you’ve got no interest whatsoever in seeing me wax the dining room table or feather dust my copius cobwebs, now have you??