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Welcome back to BrocanteHome. These are incredibly odd times and since isolation began I have been thinking terribly hard about how I want to make the most of my platform to create an online sanctuary for all of us learning to love life at home.

I have of course been backwards and forwards about how best to do this over the years. Utilising third party apps to create forums, shops and course and getting us all in a muddle along the way, but I hope you know that at every turn I have listened. When you didn’t like the community I created at the beginning of the year I closed it to re-think it, and so many of you have told me that there is just to much information in my lovely membership, The Salon, and that is feels overwhelming and so that too needs to be re-invented, and as I suggested at the beginning of 2020, consolidated.

Above all else, I have said many times that this is YOUR BrocanteHome, because without you it couldn’t exist, and so my priority is always altering our site to reflect what we all need from a resource designed to encourage us to feel at home,both within our own four walls and indeed within our heads.

That said, we live in changing, turbulent times and I am very aware of the need not to be out of step with what is happening in our society, while balancing what I hope has long been an all-inclusive atmosphere in my community with the need to offer what I see as sanctuary away from the relentless, distressing culture of social media.

For me that means stepping away from Facebook. While I know at the beginning of the year some of you said that you simply wouldn’t remember to use a community away from this most pervasive of social media platforms, our world has changed enormously in just a few short months and I for one, feel a pressing need for a space that feels calmer. A refuge from chaos and a place to call our own. Not so much a turning away from reality, but an oasis away from it.

So I want to welcome you to a new BrocanteHome: a place where all that I have imagined for us is possible: a community with threaded comments, dedicated forums, a calendar full of puttery treats, your own profile, the ability to take and keep notes from across the site, and coming soon so very much more integrated into one soothing, calm, online space, so I am never again asking you to jump from one place to the next merely to experience all that BrocanteHome has to offer.

A place to retreat too when it all gets too much. Private groups where you can be wholly and fully yourself, scream if you need to at the sheer injustice of today’s society while focusing all that you have got on creating homes where prejudice cannot exist and love is all that matters. It has, you see long been my perhaps deeply priviledged belief, that home is where we all begin and that the more homes across the land rooted in love, the better chance we have as a tolerant, all-inclusive culture.

Much of what I have discovered about myself since the advent of Covid-19 is my own need for quiet, for contemplation, for a sense of self undiluted by the ugly noise I so often encounter on social media now. I am remembering what matters to me, seeing with clarity, what needs to matter to us all and I want BrocanteHome to reflect that as we all learn to adapt to a world much changed.

So welcome to BrocanteHome. Everyone of you. Over the next few months I will be consolidating all aspects of the site so that eventually everything, including my membership program is under one roof, but for now, please create your profile, join my free groups, discover the calendar and lets pick up where we left off: embracing routine, ritual and the rhythm of home all over again.

We are all welcome here. Please never, ever forget that.

Start Your Brocante Journey Here...
A Year of Puttery Treats

A Year of Puttery Treats is quite the loveliest way to start your BrocanteHome journey and to understand what living life the BrocanteHome way means,

With one little domestic to-do for every day of the year, this truly is the way to add a little routine, ritual and teeny celebration to life at home...

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July 3, 2020 10:32 am UTC


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  1. I’m touched by your words and yes we do need a retraite, away from the hussle and bussle in our world !
    I only want to say , I can’t afford anything , pay for something , sorry ! But I do need you and your place

    1. Please don’t apologise for that Marleen, I so very much want BrocanteHome to be for all of us.x

  2. I have loved your books…. Very calming, I never thought housekeeping books would be so enjoyable. Love the puttery treats. My life is hectic and chaotic, you help so much