It is a lovely day here. The sun is shining and at the back of my little garden the Vicar and his gang of gorgeous old ladies are stringing bunting around the sparkly new Ministry Centre in anticipation of the scrumptious little street party they are throwing for the Royal Nuptials.

While Finley is refusing to get out bed and strikes me as bizarrely anti-royalist for a seven year old, I for one am delirious with excitement. Because days like this are what memories are made of aren’t they? Certainly lovely recollections of the Jubilee and Charles and Di’s wedding form some of my most treasured from my childhood, and in a world that has become significantly more cynical since the flared jeaned community joys of the 1970’s, I rather feel it is my job to conjure up a little magic for the kind of terribly British celebration I hope he will remember for always.

As for me, I’m all about the dress. With the designer who stepped into Alexander McQueen's lovely shoes after his death rumoured to be in charge, it is certain to be something rather special, even before the lovely Kate climbs into it and for a woman who has never really been interested in weddings at all, I am feeling ever so slightly eager to catch the first glimpse…

Because suddenly my head is full of weddings. Richard is making frequent reference to the pursuit of a vintage engagement ring and I am ever so secretly prowling around some of the most delicious wedding blogs on the net, privately thrilled by the idea of wearing a wedding dress from the new Anthropologie Wedding site

But do keep it under your hat won’t you? Let it be our little secret for now. It’s all about Kate today, so damn me trying to steal her lovely thunder!

Have a gorgeous day won’t you?