Now it isn’t everyday that a TV crew lands on your doorstep at eight o’clock in the morning and Mark and I, while pretending to be supercool about it, were actually kind of freaked.

But oh, it was wonderful, and fun, and silly (Wait till you see me feather dusting the humongous  cobweb in the corner of our dining room!) and slow and nothing like you imagine.

When the company concerned first asked if they could come and film a typical day in the life of a Vintage HouseKeeper, I jumped for joy and said YES!. Then I got the collywobbles and said no, and then I decided that life is for living and that we should grab lovely opportunities with both hands and risk looking daft changing your pink bin lined kitchen bin on TV.  So that’s what I did, and that, dear readers, is how I found myself  eating breakfast wearing a microphone and pretending there wasn’t a camera in my face. I loved it!!

As you all probably know by now, there is nothing I like better, than the sound of my own voice and this day gave me the perfect opportunity to wax lyrical about all manner of nonsense from lavender scented beeswax and colour co-ordinating my bookcase, to a very willing audience.

Yes it was a tiny bit dull having to re-stir my tea over and over again. And yes, the tv crew came with enough paraphenalia to swamp my tiny house, but it was fun, they were lovely, and all in all it felt like a really rather wonderful celebration of my home and family.

Whether I’ll feel like that when it airs as part of a documentary on homemaking on Sky One in the Autumn (I’ll keep you posted!) is of course another matter entirely.

Watch out Nigella!