As you can see from the picture above I’m going bonkers. This isn’t a new state of affairs but some weeks are worse than others in the bonker stakes. My Dad says that like him, if I can’t be a good example I am going to have to be a terrible warning.

And so in an effort to gather my thoughts, service my car and finally get around to  remembering that I am first and foremost a Mommy with a house and child incapable of looking themselves, I have awarded myself a week away from my ongoing addictive urge to spill every ridiculous thought I ever have onto virtual paper and concentrate instead on doing all the teeny little things that make my heart sing. Like erm, baking cakes I have banned myself from eating and hoovering lemon scented bicarb off the rug in a facemask.

Not because I don’t love you but because the sound of my own voice occasionally gets too much for me

So I’ll be back next Monday. In the meantime do try and stay out of the kind of trouble I  hope I haven’t taught you to get into.