Puttery Treats For Today.

1. Get out your pinking shears and line your pantry shelves with pretty oilcloth offcuts.

2. Thread a  crystal onto a  piece  of ribbon and hang it in your window to send  Winter sun rainbows dancing around  your kitchen.

3. Write your favorite recipes onto the back of a collection of vintage postcards (they are perfectly divided for ingredients and method). Punch a hole in the corner of each postcard and thread them together with velvet ribbon, and there you have it, a pretty little  fan of vintage recipes.

4. Buy yourself a bunch of frilly, floppy tulips.

5. Strip off your bed, open the windows, and dust your mattress with sweet smelling talcum powder. Shut the door and leave for a couple of hours to absorb dampness and freshen your room, then go in, brush down the  mattress and re-make your bed with layers and layers of cosy quilts and extra  pillows.

6. Spend twenty minutes wandering around the house chucking all those bits of this and that you have been pretending not to see into a binbag.

7. Wrap candles in brown paper, bound with string and store in the bottom of your fridge so they burn for longer in central heating stifled rooms.

8. Put all the kids jim jams on the radiator for the afternoon so they are snuggly warm when they climb into them after their bath.

9. Empty a kitchen drawer and fill it with your collection of flavoured teabags, boxes lying face up so you can see exactly what you’ve got without having to faff…

10. Stitch the ends of a vintage teatowel together and thread onto ribbon. Tie between the knobs of one of your kitchen drawers, et voila, a rolling towel you won’t lose while you are baking…