Worrying about Finley worrying about these oh so silly SATs tests he is currently having to endure. Planning a little surprise for him when they are finally over on Thursday. Making it quite clear to him that I do not give a flying hoot about how he performs in said tests…

Refusing to tell anyone who I voted for and feeling quite appalled by Facebook politics. Dyeing my eyelashes sooty black. Smiling a lot. Clearing out my make-up bags and curtailing the urge to buy yet even more. Holding hands walking in the woods. Giggling like a pair of kids. Wishing I could tell my Mum about it. Drinking mint tea. Laughing when the dog sticks his head out of the car window and his ears flap about in a silly fashion. Breaking said car window so I cannot wind it down at all and then breaking window winder down button when I tried to fix it. Realising I am never going to be a mechanic. Joining the gym. No really. I. Joined. A. Gym. Eating kale even though I am fully aware that my thyroid considers kale to be a debilitating outrage. Drinking elderflower cider with my Dad.

Not regretting a thing. Getting tangled in Alfie’s lead. Falling over flat on my face when he spotted something exciting and dragged me with him. Pretending flat on my face is a good look for me. Writing. A lot. Planning a fragrant adventure in Jo Malone with Kath on Thursday and looking forward to a week-long seaside adventure in Whitstable at the end of July. Changing my phone number. Reading Eat. Nourish. Glow. and loving it. Singing I’m All About That Bass at the top of my voice in the car and watching Finn squirm in utter embarrassment. Saying hello to every single somebody I meet in the lane. Even the mean old man who scratched my car. Eating watermelon. And Green & Black’s Sea Salt milk chocolate. Watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Gearing up for the first car boot sale of the season. Finding my new teeny tiny tumble dryer both hilarious and twice as effective as the previous monster of a machine I used to own. Missing the quiet brooding presence of Alice the cat. Shoving tea-towels through Kath’s front door because she loves a good tea-towel does Kath. Feeling stupidly excited about the arrival of this years Big Brother lot and remaining totally unwilling to apologise for adoring such vacuous nonsense. Putting the finishing touches to House Rules. Cutting Finn’s crazy curls while he has the kind of screaming ab-dabs unbecoming in a child his age. Having my own dyed back to their usual brunette state and vowing not to let my sister near my head again even if she insists I look better with flame red, frankly scary locks. Still searching high and low for the kind of kitchen bin the dog won’t/can’t raid on an hourly basis.

Anticipating all kinds of happy. Wondering how I own so many clothes and still never have anything to wear. Soaking Epsom salts in lavender and geranium oil for late night steamy baths. Head over heels in love with our little Clarry. Doing the Race For Life on June 21st. Loving the stark loveliness of baby’s breath in a white jug. Needing new bed-linen. Feeling frankly giddy about the coming Friday night. Feeling frankly giddy full stop.