What is about shopping that makes you feel better? More specifically, what is it about shopping for things you don’t need, that makes you feel better? Especially when you are riddled with PMT?

This weekend I went shopping. Kind of non-stop. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you). And I didn’t buy a single thing I need. I bought a- plenty, but nothing practical, nothing necessary, nothing basic. I bought a whole lotta nothing!

1 x very large green floral plaque (much prettier than it looks in the picture). 1 x very silly "little girl" bathroom mirror. 1 x very delicious tub of vanilla custard. 1 x pack of "Fudges" Marmite crackers. 1 x pack of crystallised violet petals (so pretty!) 1 x raspberry floral biscuit tin. 1 x vintage book of country recipes. 27 x sepia photographs. 1 xplastic Zebra (for Finn.) 1 x Mary Englebreits Home Companion. 1 x Food Doctor munchy seeds. 1 x pack of 1950’s floral notecards. 4 x freesia candles. 1 x bunch sunflowers. 1 x Country Living (USA). 1 x pale pink plate. 2 x rosey oil paintings. 1 x Virgin Mary postcard. 1 x pack of Tigger reading cards (Finn’s latest obsession!). 1 x bottle of red wine. 1 x box of white chocolate truffles. Another bottle of Johnsons Holiday Skin lotion (I’m getting browner by the day!). Oh and really rather hilariously, 1 x "You Are What You Eat" magazine. (I am a chocolate truffle.)   

I have no idea whether I feel better or I don’t, but shopping for this whole lotta nothing got me through a lonely weekend, Finley was pleased to be out and about and I nearly died and went to heaven with the custard and truffles last night (gluttony wonderful gluttony)…

Dearest Mark you can go on a stag weekend every weekend if so choose…