You seek me here, you seek me there, God bless you, you find yourself seeking me everywhere. But it is not as though I’m hiding, I’m just stupid.

In January I hit upon the crazy idea to have all my emails in one place. So I arranged to have  two of my email accounts forwarded  to a third. Or so I thought.  In actual fact only one  set of emails was being delivered to my Gmail address , while the Yahoo  account was busy keeping them all to itself, and trusting in technology and my own efforts to control it, I gave up checking the Yahoo account and just thought nobody loved me anymore.

Until yesterday. When to my horror, I opened my Yahoo account and found over 1000 emails I have missed since the beginning of January.  Clearly I’m an idiot with a capital I.

So today will be spent answering emails and dealing with a lotta lotta I should have addressed two months ago (Paola, I hear ya! Lets do it!) . Please accept my apologies. I have rang the doctor and asked for a referral to  the dizzy specialists. The matter is now in hand.

Please use the Gmail address for now and very soon there will be a "Contact Me" button in the sidebar…