It’s up to you: both will be doing speeches at three o’clock on Christmas Day and I, for one, am torn. While we don’t seem to watch much TV at all at Christmas, the tv is always on just before we sit down for dinner, and though I’m really not sure we ever listen to what is being said, the Queens Speech is a very British tradition we adhere to and quietly adore…

While the Queen waffles on in her strangely, plummy, old fashioned voice on BBC One, Jules and Jamie Oliver will be holding court with their two scrumptious little girls on Channel Four. On the one hand Jules and Jamie Oliver are the very essence of a modern BrocanteHome family, and I think she is a positive saint for putting up with his workaholicism. I relate to their young family and her absolute honesty and I love what he is doing for school dinners (hospitals next please!!) but Christmas is all about tradition isn’t it??

Like I said, I’m torn.

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