Today while you are waiting for that casserole to
bubble, you could  if you were so inclined take
the time to  make somewhere  mundane,
kind of pretty.
How's about the fridge?
* Take out everything in the fridge and put it on the
counter. Throw out  anything past its sell by date or
more than a month old
(including mustards,  marmalades etc...)
* Wipe down the insides of the fridge with a mix of 
vinegar and tea-tree oil.
 * Measure the bases of your salad drawers and using a
pair of pinking shears, cut out flowery/spotty oilcloth
liners, so you can clean the base  of your drawers
quickly and easily, and they will always look pretty...
 * Choose a tiny, pretty little dish, fill it with baking 
powder and put  it at the back of your fridge to
absorb bad smells.
* Choose a scrumptious tray (I'm saving a gorgeous 
vintage glass one with a lace insert),  or  depending on
the size of your fridge, a couple of trays and use it in the
fridge to easily pull jam, marmalades, chutneys
and other condiments, in and out...
 * Transfer blocks of butter on to butter dishes. 
(pretty, not remotely  precious pressed glass for me!).
 * Pour cordials into glass bottles, display eggs (if you 
prefer  to keep them in the  fridge), grapes, strawberries
and tomatoes etc in bowls, and put cheeses and
cold meat  etc into their own lidded clear
containers: all the better to check stocks of...
 * Remove as much store bought packaging as possible:
choose waxed paper  over clingfilm wherever possible
and tie up with kitchen string.
 * Store brocolli in a wide glass filled with water, like
a pretty green  bouquet- as it will last longer this way..
* Store carrots standing up in a similar glass.
* Store like with like according to food safety rules.
* Remove all fish and meat from store wrappings, 
wipe and   wrap in greaseproof paper and store in
ziplock bags or sealed containers.
* Choose a container or tin you adore, fill it with 
chocolately treats and hide it at the back, for
cold comfort...
* Add a glass bowl for your cosmetics
 * Then pop the odd crocheted doillie atop a jar 
or two, pop a single flower bud in a tiny
jam jar, and  close the door...
 * Glue magnets onto the back of vintage paste 
brooches  and  use to hold your
"HouseKeepers Creed"
in place...
 * Then get thee to a food emporium and buy a few
extra special treats in pretty packaging: divine
fresh coffee  in brown paper bags, olives, sun dried
tomatoes  in oil, retro style tinned fish, or
tiny little
petit fours...
 Then cook something delicious for dinner, go
to bed, then sneak
downstairs in the middle of
the night to eat  the leftovers straight out of
the fridge, Nigella Lawson style...