Oh Housekeepers, truly, I insist you must buy this scrumptiously silly little book by Rose Henniker Heaton, a woman who famously declared that "Early risers are famous in the morning and conceited in the afternoon" : Buy it, if not for the hilariously funny guide to dealing with life’s up and down’s the 1931 way, then because this new edition has the most perfectly vintage cover and the advice inside is deliciously daft (of course one has to know how to entertain the prime minister in ones country residence and of  course it is essential to be able to deal with our husband’s ex!) , beautifully illustrated and  jam packed with tiny, silly pleasures, thus making it the perfect antidote to the troubled, busy lives we all endure today…

Scrumptious with a captital S.

**P.S: Read this review in The Independant and dither about whether I am leading you right into the midst of a middle class trend akin to The Stepford Wives, but "without the black humour"…**