"But what sickened Lester was the unscrupulous exploitation of the home-making necessity, the adroit perversion of the home-making instinct. Jerome Willing wanted to make it appear, hammering in the idea with all the ingenious variations of his advertising copy, that home-making had its beginning and end in good furniture, fine table linen, expensive rugs…. God!how about keeping alive some intellectual or spiritual passion in the home? How about the children? Did anybody suggest to women that they give to understanding their children a tenth part of the time and real intelligence and real purposefulness they put into getting the right clothes for them? A tenth? A hundredth!! the living, miraculous, infinitely fragile fabric of the little human souls they lived with- did they treat that with the care and deft handed patience they gace to their filet-ornamented table linen? No they wrung it out hard and hung it up to dry as they did their dishclothes…"

The Home-maker, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1924