I have raved (as I am prone to doing) about this book before. Mostly because in a world where everything is pink and frivilous,  Ilse Crawford provides us with a book that forces us to re-consider how we live and to re-invent our homes in the image of our truest selves -as you will see in the example of her writing below…

Who Am I?

At home you can be your own person: past, present and future. Comfortable with who you are, with your own story,  and yet with a sense of family, friends and others  who are part of you…

I Am  What I Think.

A room of one’s own is a prerequisite for a mind of one’s own. So many of us are never on are own because we are always busy, either working or gadding about. And there is definitely a conflict between living with others and finding time to think.

Then Again, Don’t think. Daydream.

Scientists now say it is one of our most complicated activities, the way we shape ourselves and become aware of those things that we have felt without thinking. The heart has a quiet voice. Allow thoughts to unfold.

Home Is The Ongoing Story of A Person.

Think about how to create a sense of identity and, by extension a future…There’s only one rule. leave space for change, a place for passing passions, for something else to come along. if things are too defined, there’s no possibility for life.

Our Ultimate Emotional Need Is To Be Ourselves.

Free to think, play , dream, to realise our  talents and skills.  Free to shake off the  rules of the outside world…Because after the more urgent (Feed me! Love me! Respect me! and so on), every person is in part his own project and makes himself.

It Is Time To Mark Our Territory.

To re-establish the heart as the centre of the home, for our preservation and our edification. It is time to integrate our instinctive pleasures into the texture of our daily lives, tapping into the bliss that makes us feel alive. It is time to come out as ourselves.