“Do you live in a house or a home? Are you in it for the money or the love? Do you think you’ll be happy when you move? Or are you happy now?

Does it give you financial security or emotional warmth? Does it make you feel like you are getting somewhere? Or does it make you feel like you’re there now?

If it could talk, could it tell anyone what your favourite colour is?

When your little boy draws a plane on the wall do you reach for the paint roller or grab another crayon and draw a rocket? Is it perfect? Or is it real and still perfect? 

Do you keep it as empty as possible to create space or do you fill it with all the people and things you enjoy the most?

Do you look in estate agents windows? Or do you look in your own windows and think “how lovely”?

Are you constantly monitoring it’s price or are you measuring its occupants heights on the back of the bathroom door? What’s the most important thing you put into it, two-fifths of your salary, or your life and soul?

What’s the most important thing you’ll get out? A profit? Or a treasure trove of memories that’ll never ever go down in value but always up.

It’s not too late.

A house can always become a home. Love not money. That’s what gives a home a soul.

And a home’s soul is NOT FOR SALE.



Ikea Print Ad, 2007.