Ooh the bother that the moral ban on plastic bags has brought to my life cannot be under-estimated. First there was the cashier in my local teeny tiny Marks and Spencers who is running a one guilt woman campaign littered with loud tuts  should you have the brazen audacity to admit to having forgotten your eco shopper. Then there was the Tesco jute bag saga. Gorgeous in a kind of sandalwood and sandals kinda way and yet stank to high heaven if you got caught in the rain. (Not to mention the  multitude of bags magazines give away in oh to snazzy patterns. Let’s not even go there!) And finally the Morrisons "ugliest green and yellow bags you have ever seen" matter. The bags I finally settled on because all ugliness aside they are the biggest and the best. Never mind the fact that I inevitably leave them in the boot of the car and end up shamefully whispering my request for a carrier bag or twenty please….

And then there was Cath. Of course there was Cath. Riding into the rescue on a polka dotty horse and creating, in conjunction with Tesco, the answer to our prayers. Pretty,  practical and green, in one rather scrumptious £3.50 swoop.

Two designs available now. Four more by Christmas. Race ya to the checkout….?

Cath Kidston Ltd.