So me Darlings I bought the car and my Dad had to drive it home because I am so used to an automatic car I couldn’t remember how to manage the gears and juddered and jolted all over the place, but after a morning zipping around, all is well, except for the responsibility of pale blue upholstery, and a pale blue interior and a pale blue dashboard. You see I am a dirt magnet.  A fact not only exclusive to my taste in men…

I also ferry three little dirt magnets to and from school, so I decided that the only way to cope with pale blue upholsery is to cover it up and pretend it is a sensible colour, so that when little Josh has kicked his way through the mole-hills next to school, or Finley has thrown his entire self into a puddle, this here Mummy won’t have a dicky fit.

So I started looking for car seats and heavens to Betsy they are so ugly, they hurt my poor, over the top aesthetic heart. Most seem to go in for go-faster flashes of electric blue or frankly frightening Hawaiian prints and I was having none of it until in a moment of inspiration I typed “women’s car accessories” into Google and happened across Me-Mo which seems to specialise in both the pretty and the pretty ludicrous, when it comes to snazzing up one’s automobile.

I am of course, utterly mad about floral prints. Of this I think we will agree. I luuurve a floral print. I’m just not sure whether indulging my love of vintage roses in my car is fabulous or ridiculous. While car seat covers are clearly going to be a necessity to get us through another snowy, muddy winter, would Brocante-homeing my car be a step too far? Why are we all so utterly conformist when it comes to our cars?

I can’t decide. So it’s over to you dear reader: when it comes to these pretty vintage rose seat covers, are you a yayer or a nayer?