I can be a terrible dimwit. What is obvious to all and sundry is a total mystery to me, and so far oblivion isn’t exactly paying dividends!

But hey ho we are what we are and today I brought a pretty pink washing up bowl and last night I had a revelation of the bloody obvious kind so clearly the world is being too unkind to me.

The revelation? BrocanteHome’s scrumptious downloads needed a place of their own to live. A place where curious housekeepers could see exactly what I had to offer, take their pick and pop them all in one shopping cart without having to  survive the rigmarole of a separate paypal transaction whenever they felt like a spoonful of puttery inspiration or three.

And so here it is: The BrocanteHome Shop. All the downloads, all in one place. Why the heck didn’t I think of it before??

As for the washing up bowl, its square, it’s pink and right now it’s full of lavender scented soapy bubbles and a very dirty tea-towel. Life is but a dream…