Hi HouseKeepers, I thought you might appreciate having all the puttery treats lists in one place, so you don’t have to search the world for them…

So here they are, in no particular order:

1.  Silly Things In My House. (BrocanteHome).

2. Treats For Your Bookcase. (BrocanteHome).

3.  Save Our TeaTowels. (BrocanteHome).

4. Delicious Doillies. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

5. Fat Saturdays. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

6. Spotted!-All in one place… (BrocanteHome).

7. House Bling! (BrocanteHome).

8. On Being Cruel. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

9. Pretty Ideas for Postcards. (BrocanteHome).

10. The Early Riser. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

11. Puttery Treats For Spring. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

12. Making the Bed the Brocante Way. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

13. Puttery Things I Was Going to do YesterDay. (Vintage HouseKeepers).

Go make life lovely…