The Books I Recommend To Every Woman I Meet


It is my belief that every woman worth her salt has a little library of books that have shaped who she has become over the years. The books she reads over and over again. The books she carts from one house to the next, and those she will not lend but has over the years tucked into many a Christmas stocking…

These then are mine. I would so enjoy hearing what yours are too…

Simple Abundance

The book that inspired BrocanteHome is the book I have given to every woman I love over the years because it is simply life-changing.

For every woman who knows there is something more and longs to live an authentic life.

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Health Revolution

If you are looking for the answer to feeling fat and fed-up, then this is the one I recommend.

Its simple telling of how one woman solved her own health issues provides an inspiring join the dots guide to embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

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Home Comforts

If you buy only one guide to domesticity in your lifetime, then make it this one, because not since Mrs Beeton has there been a more comprensive guide to keeping house.

This really is the bible of good houskeeping and an essential companion to the Brocantehome way of life.

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The Kitchen Diaries

A beautifully slow meander through one man’s mealtimes over the course of a year. A book that feels like a friend and quite the loveliest meditation on what it is to really love food.

All my favourite recipes are in this one.

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Waking Up In Winter

Getting older can feel oddly lonely, but in this daily diary we find a companion in Cheryl as she dwells on her life so far and the unique challenges we all face as we approach middle-age. 

This is a book that made me feel that while age has its negatives, there is still so much joy in simpler pleasures.

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First We Make the Beast Beautiful

While I’m not sure this is a book for every woman, I cannot leave it off my list because for me it was the first time I read something that almost to the word described my own experiences with anxiety and how it can shape a life.

I keep it on my bedside and refer to it so very frequently.

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An Everlasting Meal

The book I credit with teaching me how to cook both frugally and nutritiously, is both an encouraging read and a no-fuss guide to making mealtimes matter.

It is why I always have a meal bubbling in my slow cooker. And why there is never any worry about what to eat…

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Le Chic Cocoon

With the emphasis firmly on encouraging us to create a “selfish-space” , this unusual, witty book makes for a lovely companion on the road to layering your bedroom with love and seeking its sanctuary whenever life threatens to overwhelm you.

The perfect accompaniment on your Brocantehome journey to a better sense of self.

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The Scent of Water

I  don’t think I have ever read a novel that has given me more joy than this, jam-packed as it is with gentle domesticity and soul-improving insight.

It is truly lovely, so if you seek out only one book from this list make it this one…

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Happy reading Housekeeper’s!

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  1. Linda Larson says:

    The Scent of Water has always been my favorite book, I just love the gentleness of it, and it brings me joy each time I read it. Highly recommend it. I have a fair few from your list on my shelf. I think we Brocante people are drawn to similar types of things to nourish ourselves with šŸ™‚

    1. I have read it a few times now and everytime it strikes me as more magical than the last.x

  2. Simple Abundance truly changed my life as a wife and mom during the ’90’s. I’ve been reading the new version this year, and really enjoying it.

    1. Alison Author says:

      Mine too Karen: and the new edition speaks to my heart in exactly the same way.x

  3. Maria Miller says:

    I bought An Everlasting Meal based on this recommendation (also its inspiration, How to Cook a Wolf — which I’ve read before and I’ve been wanting to own for awhile now). I’m only a couple of chapters in, but I’m loving it and have a “green things that are about to go bad” soup simmering on the stove right now. Thanks!

    1. Alison Author says:

      Yay for green things on the turn soup! Enjoy.x

  4. Simple Abundance changed my life as well and gave me the courage to start my life over. I have read all of Sarah’s books and each one came at the exact time in my life that I needed it. I also purchased the new edition of Simple Abundance, but with the pandemic have fallen behind in reading. Some days I just need to get through the day. I really need to get back to reading daily. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Elizabeth Goudge has been my favorite author since I discovered her books at age 12. (I am now 71). I’m going to read this again.
    Also I need the book about cooking.
    And how could I not love life-changing Simple Abundance?
    I will need to check the other books. I will probably love them too

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