The Bliss Book

As we near the end of the year I got to thinking about the rituals we usually all indulge in: from taking stock of our lives, to choosing a "word" to define the year ahead or making New Years Resolutions we are certain, even as we are making them, that we won't keep - if only because a resolution so often tells us to restrict something instead of adding something joyful to our lives! I[...]

Puttery Treats + Pretty Things

An Interview With Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe

Sarah Ban Breathnach Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe To have the joy of reading a revised edition of Simple Abundance for the women we are today was, for me, enough to bring a deep sense of pleasure to the end of 2019, but to be invited to ask Sarah Ban Breathnach all the questions I had as I devoured the new book, the kind of honour I could only have imagined when I sat down to create Br[...]


An afternoon Off

One of the things I am terribly good at is tuning out all the bodily signals telling me to stop. To pause. To rest. To turn away from the screen and put down the darn mop. To listen. To hush the must-do's and to allow myself to sit in the quiet silence of nothing. While I remain a dedicated meditator, still meditation is not "nothing" - it is always something. Sometimes a something tha[...]


Simple Abundance: 365 Days to a Balanced and Joyful Life

It's here! Today is the day. In fact honestly? I would skip BrocanteHome today, pop your shoes on and get thee to the bookshop or click here (aff) and get thy bottom over to Amazon to press please deliver to me RIGHT NOW (they have a button like that don't they??), for twenty five years later, Sarah Ban Breathnach has swept through the pages of Simple Abundance and refined it for every wo[...]


Housekeeper’s Diary

Up until mid- November I am terribly blase about Christmas, and then just like that I am a woman in a fluster. Madonna of the Carrier Bag. She who must not return home from even the most irrelevant of trips unless she is clutching something that will be wrapped ready to shove under the tree, or squirrelled away in her festive pantry: a secret basket full of delights that even he in life-s[...]