I am so pleased to tell you that The Art of Homemaking is finally here and all those of you who were kind enough to pre-order will already be on the path to your very own Ministry of the Beautiful…

This download comes to you in two parts: an initial preparatory giddy up pep talk and then following that a thirty day countdown to a lovely new life, liberally supported by the voices of yesteryears Vintage housekeepers, essays, ideas and actionable to-dos.

Though The Art of Homemaking features many of the routines and rituals I have featured in BrocanteHome over the past four years, this is the very first time I have attempted to bring my way of life directly to you in a format I truly believe will be  possible for you implicate in your own life and inspire you to keep on seeking beauty in the everyday and treasuring the gentle pleasures of homemaking.

The Art of Homemaking has been an absolute joy to write and I truly hope you will discover in it’s pages the same kind of simple joy that will hopefully come to define your days at home.

Happy homemaking darlings.x

P.S: Don’t forget that if you are a $99.00 Houskeeping Superstar, The Art of  Homemaking and everything else in my scrumptious little store is yours free! Check your in-boxes Sweeties!