vintage halloween


A Very Stylish Halloween

The problem with Halloween is that it is U.G.L.Y. In fact, Halloween merchandise is so often the epitome of tat (lovely word is tat!) that I can hardly bear to have any of plastic nonsense gracing my home and presumably, as is the wont of plastic, ending up causing havoc in our oceans. And so I have taken the liberty of choosing a few little Halloween somethings so that we can all celebrat[...]


A Vintage Halloween

Ah, Halloween. The night when my door is pelted with eggs and gigantic teenagers stoop down low and pretend they are not to old to be trick and treating.... Oh we love it really don't we? We love the idea of nearly drowning when we duck for apples. (Or is it only me who remembers the sensation of cold water up my nose?Now I do it with a fork clamped between my teeth.) and spooking ourselv[...]