Puttery Treats For Spring Joy

Spring has almost passed in the sniffle of a runny nose, but I, Mistress of the Puttery Treat, will not be deterred. Oh no, not I. I will lift my sagging spirits and thrust myself head-first into this gorgeous season with a list of lovely treats I hope you will be equally as inspired by... * Wrap glass vases or mason jars in vintage silk-scarves and use them to display flowers on the kitc[...]


Puttery Treats For the End of Summer

August is a month tinged with preemptive mourning: a premature goodbye to warm days and late nights. Parting is such sweet sorrow: Summer is so wholly anticipated it is always a wrench to leave it behind and yet parts of us yearn for the drawing in of the night, for leaves bleached orange and the splash of little wellies through Autumnal puddles.  In the house we are faced with the remnan[...]


Puttery Treats For A Rainy Weekend!

Oooh yuck. It's raining. All plans for picnics and barbecues and long walks have flown out of the window and instead here I am, pottering about these four walls desperate for a scrumptious alternative to tying myself to the computer and eager to hug my little house for all it is worth... And so here, for my pleasure and yours, is a hefty dose of puttery weekend inspiration... * Read Peep[...]


Puttery Remedies For Healthy Housekeepers

So everyone I know is suffering at the moment- suffering with general Winter malaise, aching limbs, stiff joints, coughs, colds, sickness bugs, sore throats and ear infections. You name it and one of my family, little or large is currently enduring it. Even the kitten is looking a little under the weather. And one could of course troop off to the Doctors and declare oneself unfit for purpo[...]


Puttery Goodness

It is almost the end of the Summer we haven't had and I for one am all too ready for lovely autumn to come wrap her arms around me and tell me everything is going to be alright... But for now there are just the grey skies of no weather at all to deal with, and the temptation to stay home and putter up a storm is too great to resist, and so, for your pleasure and mine, please find below a[...]