Morning routine


Crystal Paine’s Morning Routine

You know I'm all about my miracle morning right? And that I have been obsessing over it (and harassing you about it!) ever since I happened upon Hal Elrod's inspirational book? I have in fact been obsessing, not just over MY routine, or even Hal's, but over those routines of complete strangers. Those kind enough to share their routines on the interwebs and inspire us all with descriptions[...]


The Miracle Morning

One of the criticisms railed at BrocanteHome in the Summer Survey was that it was too spiritual... that spirituality and self-help had no place in a blog about housekeeping and to that I have to say... phooey. If you want your brand of housekeeping delivered without the spiritual hoo ha, then there are literally thousands of alternatives to Brocantehome online, but here I remain dedicated[...]