Christmas Planning Night

When it comes to Christmas, she who dedicates herself to really rather dedicated planning, is she who finds herself sitting pretty on Christmas Eve with all her festive geese in a row and a cozy cup of Egg Nog in hand. So from the beginning of October we choose one night per week to get our Festive Planner out and work out exactly what needs to be done, bought, made and remembered in th[...]


Christmas In July!

I don't care if you are cringing. As she in charge of making your life less ordinary, this I know for sure: she who plans early catches the Christmas Crackers before they are all sold out.  And so this is the week I am inviting you to hop on board the Christmas train with BrocanteHome. I know. I know the kids have only just finished school and there are holidays and uniforms and sunn[...]


Delighted Eyes

And so it has begun. The season of the carrier bag. Those relentless days where one seems to do little else other than walk in to the house laden with this, that and indeed the lovely other in our efforts to create the Christmas of our dreams. On the one hand I rather adore what becomes one long shopping opportunity and the other I feel every vein in my body tightening in dreaded anticipa[...]


Christmas Is For Kids!

This is an excerpt from my thirty day Christmas Countdown. Enjoy! In my heart of hearts I believe Christmas is for children. Till we have our own we still think of ourselves as kids, but when we are blessed with our very own munchkins the season becomes weighted down with the responsibility of creating the magic we once allowed ourselves to believe in... Today I suggest we[...]