Here I am again: the polka dot scarlet pimpernel at your service- just one day away from normal life, regular posts here at BrocanteHome, new writing, and the beginning of what is shaping up to be a new era in my life.

On Wednesday morning my little boy starts at the Maharishi free school that has recently been the cause of much consternation in the British media. This spell’s CHANGE, so much so that today I walked behind Finley and heard him muttering “massive change, massssssssssssssssssssssive change” under his breath and felt almost instantly sick. And yet he is so brave. So absolutely willing to trust in Mummy’s crazy notions that he has not uttered a word of complaint about leaving the safe little world he knows to go be educated in a gorgeous old barn with teachers who will remind him daily, that he and his new little peers are there to enjoy themselves…

I want this for Finn. I want a head already bursting with joy to never again be subdued. I want him to feel alive and inspired, not numbed and exhausted. I want him to be everything that he is capable of being instead of settling into his place in the classroom pecking order and learning to hush every last ounce of spirit he has. I think I just want him to absolutely, truly, madly deeply happy and from this, see where unfettered creativity can take him.

It is of course a leap in the dark. A scary leap in the dark. At a time when we are already preparing for a whole lotta change around these parts, throwing Transcendental Meditation into the mix and swapping a two minute walk for a fifteen minute car journey is a lot for little shoulders to carry. And though the school is renowned to be outstanding in all areas, it is still, at least as far as my little boy is concerned, unchartered territory and I would not be the Mummy I am if I could not admit to being a bundle of chewy nerves: at once petrified AND absolutely certain that it is ok to want more for your child, to look upon this change of direction as a gift to all his tomorrows.

And yes, this alters the shape of my days quite dramatically. One of the requirements of earning a place at the school is the parents attendance on a Transcendental Mediation course which I have dutifully done and thoroughly enjoyed (and cannot wait to tell you about soon!) and so into my day must fit two twenty minute sessions of meditation, a total of an hour’s journey to and from school and integration into a new community quite different to the playground I have latterly been used to.  Massssssivvvvvvvvvve change.

So I writing this post to both reassure you and reassure myself that throughout the lovely upheaval of the next two months, throughout the wedding, talk of a new house (!), a new school and what is a new more peaceful more creative approach to living this little old life of mine, I will still be here. That just like all the Septembers that have gone before on Brocantehome, I will return refreshed after the chaotic flurry of the Summer holidays ready and a-willing to regale you with scrumptious titbits, lovely puttery treats, bossy missives, a Seasonal scrub and an inspirational new download.

This is my favorite season on Brocante. I hope, despite all the changes going on behind the scenes, it will once again be yours.

Happy September Darlings.