Well now I can’t decide whether it is a terrible kindness or the height of rudeness  to force your  musical tastes onto  any given audience, and so it is with trepidation that  I hereby present to you my song of the week-  "Grace Kelly" by Mika.

Once upon a time someone took the time to send me the songs that made their heart sing  (or break). I don’t know why. But it taught me things: opened my ears to music I would have tuned out by myself. Made my world that little bigger and described in better detail this person to me  than they would ever have managed by themselves. Doesn’t mean I liked all the songs, but does mean that I gave them a chance….

This week I have chosen, not a deliciously old fashioned melody, vintage Judy Garland or the mournful wail of Ella Fitzgerald, but a song that touched a nerve and made me laugh all at the same time- "I tried to be like Grace Kelly, but all her looks were too sad…"

Please note the fact that he’s kinda beautiful did not influence my decision in  the  least…

Go listen and enjoy on My Space and I’ll meet you here with another song next week.