I cannot resist the lure of the supermarket. I went today and came out shaking my head in housewifely sorrow having somehow managed to spend twice the amount of money I intended to spend before I was seduced by a whole load of things I don’t need.

Such as?  Well let me see…

A set of plastic monkey dishes and spoons for Finley.   A box of violet creams going cheap because the box was bashed.  Three  huge bottles of conditioner  on three for two.   Two packets of crumpets on two for one. Two pairs of jeans for Finn. Three magazines. Too much cheese. Spotty knickers for me. Tinned soup. In fact five tins of the stuff I will probably never eat!! (In case the world freezes overnight.) A cheap paperback. Blue berry cordial. Another packet of caster sugar. Ten glittery gel pens. (Why? Why? Why??)  Some spare light bulbs. Two packets of jelly and some semi-permanent hair dye.

There is just no excuse for a single item on my "bought accidentally list". None whatsoever. I walk around listening to the sensible me telling the naughty, self indulgent me to put this stuff and nonsense back. And the naughty me wins everytime. I am so disappointed in both of us.

I swear supermarkets will be the death of both my diet and my financial  health. Pity I didn’t read this before  I entered  the God-forsaken  place.

Is it just me? Does greed get the better of you in the confectionery aisle? Is it time to only shop local and abandon supermarkets altogether?