These are the links that have made me smile recently. Enjoy!

Look At the Man
We had forgotten hadn’t we? We women of the internet are so woman-centric, so busy fighting our own battles, this then is a timely reminder to look at the man…

The Special Collection of a Provincial Lady
Having recently acquired the entire Virago collection of these delightful books, I read this essay with delight.

Danielle LaPorte: Living With Fire And Desire
Jonathan and Danielle: two of my favorite internet people. Carve an hour to watch this…

Depression Part Two
A brilliant pictorial exploration of depression.

Make It! Hipster Bow Ties for Little Dudes
My own little dude is OBSESSED with bow ties because he is convinced he is Doctor Who…

How to Heal Auto Immune Disease: 20 Weird Thyroid Symptoms (For Your Comfort)
This made me cry a bit. For this is EXACTLY how it feels to live with Hashimotos.

Fancy Pants Knicker Making Kit
Who wouldn’t want to sew a pair of these rose print Liberty knickers??

How Breast Cancer Changed My Life For the Better
Touching and heartfelt.

My Most Meaningful Decision
From the beautiful Grace at Design Sponge.

Six Thoughts on the New Domesticity
A post that mirrors my feelings about this book almost entirely.

The Raga of Plants: Music, Wellness, Houseplants, and YOU
I found this absolutely fascinating…

The Print Queens
I want to work at Dandi!

The One Thing You Must Do
Forty brings so many revelations and realizations doesn’t it?

Money Memoirs
Fascinating, awkward and inspirational. I have so enjoyed this series…

What Does Balance Mean To You – The Beauty of Flow
Flow evades me. Perhaps I need to redefine my notion of what it means…

Benefits of Fermented Foods
I am frightened of sauerkraut.

We Should All Hate the Passive-Aggressive Martyrdom of “Me Time

And finally this.
The reason why I worship Russell Brand. And worry for him. And respect his passion and incredible, articulate, daring  voice.