Hello Sweeties, these are the links that have made me smile today…

Trad Home
A new on-line magazine collaboration between Lonny and Traditional Home.

My Heart Wanders – Pia Jane Bijkerk
I can’t wait for this beautiful book.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks On TV!
Ree Drummond gets her own show…

The Best Chocolate Mousse of Your Life
I have tried it and it is.

Lori Day: 10 Ways to Raise Resilient Kids in Turbulent Times
Because I for one am over-protective.

The Feminist Kitchen | Musings on women and food.
An ongoing, fascinating dialogue about the relationship between women and food.

Are you ready to move on your creative goals?
A new E-Book from Tara Gentile.

How to decrease your spending
Because whatever she is talking about Penelope Trunk always makes sense.

The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau…

Edible Selby
I love The Selby. Edible or not.

How Genius Works – The Culture Report
Because creative genius fascinates me…