Not you understand, a mean and moody New Year: more one shrouded in the kind of atmosphere only a rainy dark New Years Day possesses: when it seems as though the world outside your front door has ceased to exist and there is only the cozy nothingness of life inside remaining.

And so in-between making copius notes for a better tomorrow in a tiny little Christian Lacroix (Lacroix Dar-hling, Lacroix…), and eating quite the most delicious New Years day dinner ever cooked by one very tall man, I wandered around in an aimless fashion testing the limits of Snapseed (free yesterday on the 12 days of Christmas) and generally casting an ever so slightly gloomy glow over what was a lovely day.

First let me introduce Pom: a little kitten we fostered over the Christmas period, who has very quickly turned into the bane of both mine and Jimmy’s existence. Lovely as she is, she cannot stay, and so we have cuddled her in the days that followed her little lady-kitten operation, helped her pull a cat-cracker or two and blessed her with a very snazzy Celia Birtwell collar.

Next up admire what a cutie my little boy is turning into in the very first paper hat wide enough to sit atop his copious curls as he sits and waits for dessert of his own making: a quite frightening muddle of clotted cream ice cream, squirty cream out of a tube and meringue. But each to their gluten-free own because apparently the free from equivalent of Christmas pudding could actually kill him ( No Mum, I would literally die if I had to eat that. Literally.)

Next up the much anticipated roast. For which I must make apologies for the picture. Me and food photography do not get on and everything I ever try to capture ends up looking like something no-one would ever want to eat, despite the fact that this huuuuuge four bird roast (turkey, chicken, goose and duck) was an utterly delicious medley of the obligatory sprout, parsnips, Chantenay carrots, carrot mash, creamed mash, duck fat roasties, the most fragrant of home-made stuffing balls, babba sausages wrapped in bacon, broccoli and cranberry sauce. All on one plate. So I swear I might never need to eat again.

Now the Ikea Glogg that was the highlight of the day: a gift from my friend Deb, this was absolutely delish served with  a handful of roasted almonds and tangerine segments and made for quite the most whoozy of wind-downs while Richard, otherwise known as chief cook and bottle washer got on with putting the kitchen back to relative normality after using every pan, plate and dish in the house to produce his divine dinner. Erm yes… I am a bit spoilt aren’t I??

And finally Jimmy. My greatest little pleasure. A kitten who has fitted so scrumptiously into my house it’s as if he has always been a member of my family. Caught here capturing the entire mood of the evening, by curling up in a ball in much the same fashion as we did after a vigorous bout of competitive Lego, an hour spent laughing at my pathetic efforts to play golf on the Wii and the rest of the evening spent squashed up on the sofa, two cats and all, under blankets as both Rich and Finn uttered fierce hushes in my direction when the intricacies of the last Harry Potter film went straight over my head. A something highly likely when a person hasn’t seen the preceding seven films.

A perfect, but exhausting day. And one that found me crawling into bed at the same time as Finn and fast asleep by nine o’clock…

Happy January Sweeties. May the rest of the year be as equally blessed as the first of this month.