One of my favoritist  (yes  I made that word up) stores on the web is the wonderful Re-Found , not least because of the  inspirational way that they are taking old things and re-inventing them in their own, pared down aesthetic vision.

There are no frills here: instead they bring to those of us who love vintage, a way of seeing the quality, in both material and line, of the  objects of yesteryear and as is  the case in the cushions above, take care to harness the skills  that made those things we obsessively treasure hunt, so compelling…

After admiring the embroidery on the old linens we all hoard, Re-Found set out to find those in the older generation who still possessed the skill to recreate it in the millenium, and what they offer as a result of such scrumptious collaboration is a set of pretty pillows, with the handmade element we all covet alongside a familiar and comforting nod to nostalgia. 

Go visit and admire.