Eat advocado and black pepper speckled cream cheese on grainy seedy toast and drink peppermint tea. Plant sweetcorn and marigolds and beans. Write down five reasons to be grateful and pin to bathroom mirror. Scan vintage flash cards. Buy pale green ink for birthday thank you cards. Hunt out lemonade jelly recipe for Isabel. Seek out lidded jug for iced cucumber water (oh cucumber how I love you). Cut daffodils from the garden. Soak lime fuzzy wuzzy cardigan in green tea scented fabric conditioner. Add “silver teaspoons” to treasure hunt list because the cutlery thief has been at it again. Stitch patch onto old bear for Finley. Bake gluten free cupcakes for school bingo evening tonight. Worry about whether one should worry that one’s social life has been reduced to School Bingo on a Friday night. Enjoy it regardless.