Nooooo, not that kind of wallpaper, Silly! The kind you use to brighten up your morning, as you switch on your computer and see your screen blossom into  lovely, avant-garde, 1950’s Left Bank style, pen and ink florals. Or watch agog as a gaggle of elegant swans float by, if swans are your bag

(Gaggle is a good word isn’t it? Never mind that it isn’t the right one to describe a group of swans. It’s my blog and I’ll make things up if I want to).

Anyway for your aesthetic pleasure today I leave you with another set of downright gorgeous vintage inspired P.C and Mac wallpapers and screensavers from the ever talented Paul and Joe.

Heavens knows I am tireless in my efforts to bring a little old-fashioned joy to every corner of your world…

Happy Friday Sweethearts.x