When my little sister was ten, she started a collection of vintage postcards.

On the weekends Mum and Dad would take us antiquing and it wasn’t long before Helen had a box file full of Edwardian postcards, many featuring ladies in frilly dresses and overblown floral ephemera. I thought she was the uncoolest thing on the planet. I had posters of George Michael, she had an old-fashioned photographs of women she didn’t know. Could she have been any sadder?

How things change.

Helen, if you are reading this, I will swap you anything you want for that collection. Anything at all!

Pretty Things To Do With Vintage Postcards.

Punch holes through the top of a pretty card,  thread ribbon through the holes, tie in a bow and hang from the peg rail in the kitchen.

Clip then into the edges of your mirror frames.

Glue them into your illustrated discovery journal.

Frame them individually in twinkly frames and hang lots together on a dull wall.

Scan them and use them as calling cards on your email messages.

String a collection onto pretty ribbon and use as decorative bunting.

Use one you love as a bookmark.

Photocopy them and use them for decoupaging any flat surface.

Send them to people you love!