don’t have to literally answer that. It’s one of those rhetorical
questions. We believe a home is more than just a box: it’s a sort of
second skin. It could be a third skin if you’re counting clothes.
Anyway, you wouldn’t spray your skin with something dangerous, yet many
people clean their tub with harsh chemicals then soak in it shortly
thereafter. Method is easy on you and your home because you are linked.
For better, for worse, ’til ‘for sale’ sign do you part."

Now tell me this and tell me no more, was there ever a more persuasive message for re-thinking the way you clean your home? I liked it so much that if I could I would have bought the company.

But I haven’t got any money. So instead I bought the Pink GrapeFruit Surface Cleanser (At John Lewis for those who can’t find it in the U.K) and oh, but it’s yummy. Yummy enough to make me want to eat a deliciously refreshing grapefruit for my Brocante Breakfast in the morning. And pink!   Pink and yummy…

If you find me licking my kitchen counter you know why.

Go buy some! Become a  Method Home Advocate, or join the campaign against dirty!