Happy Friday Housekeepers!

Today for your home-making pleasure, those of you who have bought the Vintage Housekeepers Planner can download ten pages of blank forms to customise to your hearts content, absolutely free of charge. Based on some of the planner pages already included in your download, but with all Brocante formatting removed, you can now plan anything you like: from what to pack in your holiday suitcase to what you have got stored in the deep, dark cupboard under the stairs…

Download the blank planner pages here and as always stay tuned: I’ve got more pages for your planner coming very soon.

P. S: Apologies to those of you who had been trying to buy my 550 Puttery Treats Download on Etsy, I hadn’t realised it had sold out, but have now re-listed it. Easter is just the perfect time to get a little puttery isn’t it?