At what point does a worried Momma turn into a paranoid, over-protective suffocating one?

Next week Finn’s nursery is going on a school trip to  an aquarium in  Blackpool.  Blackpool is forty five miles away and forty five miles seems a terribly long way to send my little babba all by himself. So I am having a mild Mommy heart attack.

School asked for volunteer  Mums.  So though the thought of getting on a bus with thirty six kids gave me horrors I was the fourth Mum to volunteer and I was told that owing to the fact that Mum places were to be allocated on a first come first served basis and the fact that Finley’s Coeliacs/Celiacs disease makes him a special case in any event where food is involved, I was almost guarenteed a place- and thus I stopped worrying and planned on making friends with  a shark and the odd pirhana instead.

Until yesterday. When the headmistress informed me that my services would not be required, as  they had  conducted  a  "risk  assessment"  (with no parental consultation involved) and decided that having put plans in place to deal with mealtimes for Finley, there would be no need for me to attend, and I would not be one of the chosen few.

So I need your opinions…  Is three years of age too young to be bussed off to Blackpool?  Should I trust a school conducted "risk assessment" as far as Finn’s Coeliacs goes, when at the last school party I had to intercept another child giving Finn a sweet that the nursery teachers would clearly have let him eat? Would it be terribly mean to keep him home instead? Would you feel comfortable sending your babba off to the hell-hole of the NorthWest? Am I being ludicrous…? Over-protective? In danger of wrapping my baby up in cotton wool and turning him into a namby-pamby with a teddy bear and  trousers under his nipples when he is twenty one??

Tell me please. It’s so hard being a Mommy…