Sometimes I get to thinking that the effort to constantly improve and to be eternally grateful is more than I have got the headspace for. In fact can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I am hard pushed to think of two things I am grateful for, let alone the five that my gratitude practise commands. So on those days I fall back on the mainstays of my life, my son, my home, cheese… you know: the gifts that keep on giving!

In between giving thanks I also make constant demands upon my wilted soul by expecting relentless improvement in all areas of my life. Convincing myself that resting on my lovely laurels will lead me down the hatch to hell, and never quite allowing my brain time enough to acknowledge that some things are wonderful just as they are, so do not require constant poking and that I do not need to tick ten things off my self-improvement to-do list on a daily basis, or else risk the wrath of the universe.

Indeed the universe might quite like me as I am.

So last night as I lay dwelling on the conundrum that is self-care, it struck me that we do not need to be forcing ourselves to be giving thanks left, right and centre, nor ticking off lifestyle to-do’s as if our very souls depended on them. It would be enough to identify one lovely thing to be grateful for daily and one way in which we have inched our way towards a better life.

One lovely thing and one teeny tiny task that has improved our day. Our home. Our life as a family. Or even the size of our thighs.

This you see is about recognition and acknowledgement. It is taking two minutes at the end of every day to say this is why today was wonderful and this is how I am making life that little bit less ordinary. One tiny nod to the universe and one tiny step towards betterdom.

Are you in? If so please feel free to download the One Lovely Thing chart for your Housekeepers Planner and make a date with yourself at the end of each and every month to not only count your blessings but to also see exactly how much life has improved over the previous thirty days…

Make it a simple ritual you treasure forever and always