My Approach to Domestic Bliss Coaching...

I believe that coaching works best when it feels as natural and as informal as possible and so when you book a Pep-Talk I want you to be sure that talking to me will be as comfortable as talking to your most helpful, non-judgemental friend. 

Together we will consider all that is standing between you and domestic bliss, and then we will establish a set of habits and routines to help create a more authentic, satisfying framework for your way of your life.

Please know that this is both a safe and private space to talk, that we can shape each session according to your current goals or issues and that you will have your very own dedicated online work- space in which you can ask questions, reach out to me at anytime, focus on what needs to change and work on your vision of what life could be.  


Book a Clarity Call...

I know that the very idea of coaching can feel a little bit intimidating and I want you to be sure that you are absolutely comfortable talking to me before you commit to a Pep-Talk or Coffee-Morning Package, so I offer a FREE  fifteen minute clarity call so that we can introduce ourselves and together work out whether Domestic Bliss Coaching could be beneficial for you.

Please know that you are under no obligation to book further talks or packages.


Book a Pep-Talk...

When you book a Pep-Talk, I will begin by inviting you in to your own dedicated Coaching Space so you can begin to establish what you need to focus on start your journey towards a life less ordinary. 

We will talk at the arranged time over Skype or Zoom and after each of our conversations, I will follow up with notes in your Coaching Space you can keep and refer to, encourage you to create an online vision of all that we have discussed, and establish areas of focus, with both short term and long term goals you can work towards.

Pep-Talks are available singularly for one hour, or in packages of three or five sessions. 


Book a Coffee Morning Package...

The Coffee Morning Package is designed to help you re-create each and every aspect of your domestic life over the course of six months. When you sign up you will have immediate access to your very own coaching space, with Coffee Morning exclusive workbooks and resources, one to one email access to me in our private work-space, and six Pep-Talks, booked once monthly so we can monitor your progress on the road to a life less ordinary.

The Coffee Morning represents a significant investment in terms of commitment and finance, but having this level of accountability will make a real difference to what you can achieve over six months, and truly means that you might just get to grips with your domestic life the BrocanteHome way...