Don’t tell anyone but Finley and I are skiving today.

In a morning of bliss my delicious little boy slept in till nine 0’clock and I jumped out of bed to find that we were an hour late for school.

Send me to the home for very bad mothers right now. I deserve a lifetime  of gruel  and warm water. But what the heck hey? If I can’t be a teeny bit nauny from time to time you may as well declare my  life a fun free zone and condemn me to a life without organic cucumber.

So what, I hear you ask, did you do with this unexpectedly  scrumptious Monday morning? Well we are still in our jarmies. We’ve had hot chocolate and a Postman Pat story for breakfast. I’ve given my kitchen surfaces a rather welcome scrub. I’m about to paint my toenails. Finley is building the biggest spaceship in the whole wide world and as soon as I can be bothered to put clothes on, Finley (my favourite date in the world) is taking me to a local juice bar for a Juicy Lucy (strawberries, oranges, and melon juiced) and some homemade hummus, before we take a little jaunt to a roadside flower stall to fill the car with sunflowers.

Wanna come buy yourself some happiness on a stalk?