Courtesy of my friend Debbie, I got a very silly pair of slippers for Christmas. They are black and white fuzzy fur  zebra  striped delights and when it is cold there  is nothing  quite as  snuggly.  But let’s put it this way- I  couldn’t hold  an elegant  afternoon soiree  in them without looking like  I had shoved my feet into  two  stuffed animals.

Slippers are I’m afraid, a sorely neglected area of my wardrobe. I have my fuzzies and a beautiful pair of embroidered chinese slippers that turn my feet a rather startling shade of bruise, and thereafter stain everything I rest my tired little tootsies on, black and blue.

It’s oh so not chic. Not even in a shabby way.

The thing is that I am mean with myself. I think nothing about spending £25.00 on a book, but would probably faint if you asked me to spend the same amount on a pair of sumptuos slippers, which is quite frankly a very silly state of affairs when pretty feet go  a long way to making life feel full of the kind of teeny tiny joys we need to sustain us…

Look at these gorgeous little delights from My Sweet Feet. Presumably because this lovely little company recognise that womens lives are full of petty little moments of personal meanness, they have re-named  their  slipper collection  as "Shoes For Home". Don’tcha just love that?

So Ladies, let’s make a resolution. Lets agree to make the sorely neglected areas of our lives just as scrumptious as that we lavish luxury upon. Go shopping for some "At Home" shoes. Swap that packet of dull biscuits for a divine little pot of violet jam. Replace all your knickers. Hunt out high quality sheets. Buy  a bar of delicious soap instead  of yet another bottle of commercial drain cleaner. Buy posh toilet paper. Yes! Just for this week buy posh toilet paper!

Remember this isn’t about spending more money it is about re-defining what matters to us. A pair of knockout stilettos you will wear once in a blue moon or a pair of "At Home" shoes that will make every day a tiny bit special?

Life may be made up of a million little things that often pass unnoticed, but we, dear HouseKeepers are on a  mission  to make those teeny little things  the defining moments of our day.

Just thought I’d remind you.