Because he asks too many questions. Because he strokes my face as he drinks his milk.

Because he keeps taking his clothes off.  Because he can trash a room in the flash of an eye. Because he falls over 500 times a day. Because 499 times he just gets up and starts again.

Because he never, ever cries and his laugh is as deep as a grown mans. Because he is mine. Because he sleeps through the night, every night. Because Teletubbies make him giggle.

Because he loves the washing machine. Because sometimes he climbs on to me for a pitstop and a cuddle. Because he is his own little person. Because he won’t kiss me when I ask him to, but once a blue moon blesses me with a big mmmw! when I least expect it.

Because today he tried to show my mum his football down the phone. Because he is just a little babba and I didn’t think it was possible to love anything this much. Just because.