Christmas treat

Like I hinted yesterday the time has come for me to sign off for the Christmas holiday so I can restore my spirit and enjoy my family. But I didn’t want to leave without giving something back to you, my readers who have done so very much this year to keep my chin propped up…

And so for the entire length of the Christmas holiday I have got a few wonderfully generous offers to share with you, a new program for 2016 and an invitation to join our new community absolutely free of charge…


1.So let me begin with my traditional PAY WHAT YOU CAN Christmas holiday offer…

How It Works

a) Click over to this page with all the available downloads gathered so you can choose which ones you still need to add to your BrocanteHome collection.

b) Choose the downloads you want to buy and then click on each individual one in turn.

c) You will see the usual price listed with the title of the download above it’s description and directly to the right of it a box with a Pay What You Want – Minimum $2.00 label and you simply click inside that box and change the price to reflect the amount you can both afford to pay and imagine the download to be worth to you. Then click “buy now” or “add to cart” and complete your purchase as usual.

d) This year I have had to set a minimum price of $2.00 to cover my Paypal and Payhip costs, but please know that I am happy to receive whatever you can afford above that and the whole point of offering my Pay What You Want Christmas gift is to be able to share my writing with everyone who cannot usually budget for it.

e) Finally please feel free to buy as many products as you want without any guilt at all.

P.S: This year I have set up Pay What You Want week using Payhip, so your chosen downloads will be delivered immediately. (yay!) 


2. Next up: the perfect opportunity to become a member of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle for HALF-PRICE for the whole of 2016.

Yesarooney. Today I am inviting you to secure membership for 2016 at the ludicrously silly price of just $49.00!

Simply hop over to The Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle and read all about the benefits of membership, then select ROSE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP from the chart and use the code 2016 to sign up.

Your discount will be immediately applied and you won’t have to pay another penny for any of my existing downloads or those I produce next year including the “Better Me” program I am about to tell you all about below…

This then is the perfect opportunity for brand new members,  those whose membership needs renewal, those who want to guarantee inclusion for 2016, or indeed those currently paying monthly to grab the very best deal I will be offering for the next twelve months.


3.  Now my new program for 2016… A weekly delight called The Better Me Program.

better me

With one simple link, idea or puttery treat for each day of the week, you will receive one email per week, delivered on a Sunday evening, so you can plan a week packed with tiny little somethings designed to help you be your best self in 2016. Covering all aspects of your life from homemaking, to financial abundance, well-being, creative satisfaction and family joy, the Better Me program will gently nudge you to practise extreme self-care and put your vision of how you want your life to be, firmly at the front of your mind, on a weekly basis.

The program costs just $10.00 for the entire year and it will begin on Sunday 3rd January.

[su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ff6699″ size=”5″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: heart”]Click Here To Sign up for the Better Me Program[/su_button]


4. Finally… An invitation to join our new essential oils community, Brocante Oils

Oh yes indeed. As you might be aware, Ste and I have been working hard setting up a new arm to our lovely BrocanteHome in 2016 and today I want to invite you in to the inner sanctum! Our Brocante Oils Social Network is one simply scrumptious place in which to discover, learn about and buy the only oils I am truly happy to recommend to you.

I have been using essential oils for many years and my knowledge is vast, and now alongside Ste who will be managing the community, I want to share that knowledge with you, discussing my experiences in homemaking and supporting my families well-being with essential oils, sharing blends and recipes and generally talking up a storm about living life the essential way…

This is a brand new community for 2016 and I want you to be in at the beginning, so click the button below to sign up. It is absolutely free of charge…

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ff6699″ size=”5″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: heart”]Come Join Our Essential Oils Community Today![/su_button]


Have a Truly Wonderful Christmas!

I do hope all the above is abundantly clear. But if you do have any questions, or encounter any problems, then please feel free to use the contact page to reach me or Ste directly, as I will be closing the comments over the holiday simply to reduce my workload…

Finally let me say thank-you again. Your on-going support means I can keep a roof over my little boys head and it truly means the world to me. Though this year has not been as productive as I hoped it would be, while I fought the black dog of grief, I have got everything crossed that 2016 is going to be absolutely, downright wonderful, and a with a new support team behind me, I do believe that I will be delivering all manner of inspiration for a life less ordinary…

Love you all.



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