Moving the Brocante Furniture

So you know how it feels when you take it into your head to re-decorate or re-arrange the furniture in a room and in your minds eye it all clear and the whole project will go terribly smoothly and heckity-pie what could really go wrong when you made your plans so very carefully?

And then it turns out the lemon paint is the most dreadful shade of mustard, and if you move the bureau into that corner you won’t be able to use the plug socket, and heavens above haven’t you just gone and painted yourself into a corner?

Yup. That’s how it is when you are re-organising a blog too. Muddle after muddles, setbacks, things that don’t look as they should, moving parts that won’t play nicely, all manner of kerfuffles because what looks fine on a laptop looks ludicrous on a mobile phone, expensive decisions that turn out to be pound-shop solutions and systems that make no sense at all to she who cares enough to visit you!

Today then, on this rather dull Monday morning, I wanted to set out where I’m at with BrocanteHome and explain why the new design isn’t coming together quite as quickly as I had hoped. Without of course boring you with the kind of technical jargon designed to make most people’s eyes water…

To those with only a basic understanding of what it is to create a blog the size and scope of BrocanteHome, I thought it best to explain how it works and what it takes to make it work. You see a blog isn’t just a blog. When one sets about creating a blog, you have to find somewhere for your blog (ie: YOU) to live (the HOUSE – in this case WordPress) and then you have to choose a theme (the WALLPAPER, PAINT, FIXTURES AND FITTINGS), and then you have to add all the moving parts, and the WordPress plugins that allow various functions like the Brocantehome Calendar, and the Community to exist, (the FURNITURE) and finally you have to accessorise with pretty little flourishes and a dose of good taste!

Just like moving into a newly built house, life is much easier if you are creating a blog from scratch, but when you are re-decorating a house that already holds fifteen years worth of belongings, things can get a whole lotta muddled along the way.

And that m’dears is where I’m at. Imagine if you will that you rent your house and the landlord can come along at will and make (probably necessary) changes at will, without considering the impact on your existing domestic arrangements and causing leaks and holes in your house just when you thought you had it all working really rather scrumptiously. This happens regularly to a blog, because themes and plugins are regularly updated by those who create them and don’t always work with the other plugins when they are, leaving chaos in their wake! This then is what happened this weekend, when my theme was updated and various functions simply vanished, from the calendar to the notes system and all manner of bells and whistles in-between, including to my dismay many of your comments, which no doubt looks like the kind of censoring I would never impose here!

So while I had hoped to be writing and creating new parts of the site, I actually ended up burning the midnight oil on Saturday night trying to put everything back to the way it should be after an update, and rather feeling like weeping along the way.

A few weeks ago I set out my intention to bring all parts of Brocantehome together into the site, but this weekend’s drama has got me doubting the wisdom of that arrangement when it seems that many of the expensive plugins I was depending on, are not quite stable enough to be dependable and may just end up causing us even more chaos. So all this to say that while I had hoped to move away from third party platforms like Kajabi (which hosts the Salon) and Shopify (which hosts the store), it is looking unlikely that I will now be doing that in the short term. simply because while I had hoped to free us all from having various different logins and to reduce my costs here behind the scenes, it is far more sensible to ensure stability of all areas of the site, than it is to stick determinedly to a scheme that may not work.

Soooo… the main site will stay exactly as it is for now. I am absolutely loving the new community and I am wholly enjoying the lack of urgency being Facebook free creates for conversation, and so grateful to those who have taken part so far. I haven’t pushed nor promoted the site in recent weeks because I wanted to check for issues and understand how everything works before I did and it has proved to be a wise move. Over the next few weeks I will be re-launching The Salon and we will be getting back on track there too and I am so grateful for your patience in regard to that. You really are the loveliest and most supportive of online friends and I hope that over the years I have added value to your life, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Ultimately, one of the things isolation has taught me is that getting our home, off or online, just right is what matters in our “new normal” – before now I have hurried the re-decorating of the site, or the re-consideration of all that I am offering in order to get things running as quickly as possible and it has never been wise. Now I want to listen to my intuition more and fashion for myself, and for you, a site that really does reflect my values as a homemaker, a woman and a ladyboss. I want it to feel easy here, to make your time here feel rewarding, and to create something long-lasting and rich in authentic experience.

My message then today is go slow. Make careful decisions, but be prepared to pivot if they do not live up to all that they promised. Be flexible, never stubborn. Admit when you are wrong. When the paint is the wrong shade or ease of use would be preferable to aesthetics. See everything. Not just through the narrow field of focus you fashion for yourself because you want something to be true, or to work as you have decided it should. See everything because there are no shoulds and there are no musts. Above all else be patient. Just as you may not notice that a chair is uncomfortable until your back starts to ache, so too do other truths reveal themselves over time and better decisions can be made going forward…

I will tell you more about my plans as they come together over the next week or two and as always I am so grateful that you are here and that you continue to trust me to create a site still worth visiting after all these years.

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July 3, 2020 10:32 am UTC


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  1. Boy do I know the feeling of having painted yourself into a corner and I think you have summed it up so well with this line: a site that really does reflect my values as a homemaker, a woman and a ladyboss. Good things take time.

    1. Thanks so much Ali… patience is a virtue I don’t seem to have and end up sending myself loopy, cutting corners and creating issues along the way… but not this time!x

  2. Yep, I agree with Ali’s comment – good things take time, and you’ve explained the situation so clearly!

    It’s just a bit like my parents’ house for a while. When you’re in the kitchen cooking and you want a spoon to taste something, you have to go through into the next room for the spoon because all the cutlery lives in there, and always has done… half the crockery is in the kitchen cupboards and half is in the breakfast room, so where you go to get it depends on what you want…

    So when I want the community and blog I come here, and when I want my library I go there 🙂

    Notaproblem, m’dear…