Ok before we get started I want you to know that I don’t want to know. I am wandering around the internet trying to be oblivious to anything remotely Martha/Apprentice related, because I am presuming that at some point my favorite domestic goddess will get to fire someone on British TV. So I don’t want to know who’s in or out (And don’t tell Mark either, because he would take great delight in revealing the winners, just as I sat down to watch in the same way I occasionally ruin the football for him, by telling him the score. Just for laughs. Because I am an evil cow…)

But I do want the goss! The British media are really rather thrilled to report that the show is dying a death. Is that true? Is Martha no match for THE DONALD (Who I adore!) What are the tasks like? Could we Vintage Housekeepers rise to the occasion? Whats the big fuss about Howie?Has Martha mentioned jail???

Tell me, tell me, tell me…